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Primary extract

The case is already released from the cartridge chamber during the unlocking movement. Stuck or jammed cases are a thing of the past, so the cartridge case can be easily pulled out.

Controlled feeding

The cartridge is pushed under the extractor claw during feeding and held during the feeding process. As a result, a safe and trouble-free feeding of the cartridge into the chamber is achieved in every possible weapon position.

Controlled ejection

During the ejection process, the sleeve is held by the extraction claw until it is ejected by the system-fixed ejector. Depending on the repetition speed, the case falls or flies out of the system. This enables a situation-dependent ejection.

Three-position safety

The safety device has three positions: "Fire", "Safe" and "Safe + lock locked". It acts directly on the firing pin. Firing a shot through impact or breakage of the trigger is excluded.

Three-lug closure

Stable and reliable locking thanks to the three load-bearing locking lugs made of high-strength special steel. The resulting 60 ° angle allows a quick and safe repeating process, even under the
most adverse conditions.

Match deduction

The match trigger can be adjusted precisely as required. It has an excellent, dry trigger characteristic for controlled firing.

Muzzle thread

All weapons in the JPR and UPG families have a muzzle thread as standard.

Opening angle

The small opening angle of 60 ° allows quick repeating.


The buttstock of the UPG-1 is adjustable in length and cheek height.
In addition, the entire rear stock assembly can be easily removed and exchanged for a folding stock, for example