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King of 1 and 2 Miles South Africa 2023 - Hosted by Guns and Bows

King of 1 and 2 Miles South Africa 2023 - Hosted by Guns and Bows

In the world of long-range shooting, precision and skill are paramount. The King of 1 and 2 Mile South Africa Shooting Competition is a true test of marksmanship, endurance, and adaptability.


Thursday morning, we kicked off with the King of 1 Mile Qualifier!

The King of 1 Mile South Africa qualifier was more than a test of marksmanship. It was a showcase of the competitors' ability to adapt, learn, and triumph over adversity. Each shot fired was a testament to the countless hours of training, the dedication to the craft, and the unyielding spirit of those who dared to face the challenges posed by nature. Temperatures tested the shooters at 1 degree Celsius in the morning and wind speeds up to 24km/h.

The competition kicked off with the famous cold bore shot, a true test of a shooter's adaptability and marksmanship. Set at a distance of 1050 meters, this opening challenge required competitors to hit their mark without the advantage of previous shots to establish the conditions. The biting cold increased the difficulty, as the need for precise adjustments and perfect execution became even more crucial.

The second target, 1A, stood at 600 meters, requiring competitors to transition from the distant cold bore shot to a relatively closer yet still challenging distance.

1B, positioned at 800 meters, struck a balance between proximity and difficulty. Shooters were tasked with maintaining their focus while accommodating the subtle intricacies of the wind at this range.

1C, stood tall at 1000 meters. Hitting the mark at this distance necessitated unwavering precision and a deep understanding of external factors that could influence bullet trajectory.

The ultimate challenge awaited at the fifth target, 1D, positioned at a staggering 1150 meters. At this distance it requires a perfect execution of technique, mental acuity, and mastery of the ever changing wind's.


Friday King of 2 Miles qualifier

The day dawned cold, with a biting chill that seemed to penetrate through even the thickest layers of clothing. But what truly set this day apart was the relentless wind, gusting at a staggering 45 kilometres per hour. While the cold was certainly a discomfort, it was the wind that truly emerged as the most formidable opponent. As competitors set up their rifles and positioned themselves on the firing line, they knew that the wind would be a true game-changer, demanding precise calculations and expert adjustments to counter its effects.

The first challenge of the day was the "cold bore shot" - the inaugural shot fired with a rifle that had been left untouched for a period of time, simulating the unpredictable nature of a real-world scenario. This shot was set at a distance of 1450 meters. Competitors had to account for not only the inherent challenge of the shot but also the impact of the chilling temperature on their equipment. Every detail mattered, from the choice of ammunition to the meticulous adjustments made to the scope.

As the day progressed, competitors faced a series of targets, each more distant than the last. The second target, labelled as 2A, stood at 1400 meters, presenting a chance for competitors to find their rhythm after the initial cold bore shot. The third target, 2B, pushed the distance further to 1660 meters, demanding even greater precision and focus. The fourth target, 2C, posed a significant challenge at 2000 meters, separating the skilled marksmen from the rest of the pack. And finally, the fifth target, 1D, stood at a staggering 2257 meters, truly putting the "2 Mile" moniker of the competition to the test.

The wind, unrelenting in its intensity, played a pivotal role throughout the competition. Competitors had to adapt on the fly, adjusting their calculations based on the wind's erratic behaviour. Each shot was a delicate dance between the shooter, the rifle, the ammunition, and the environment.

This year's finals, held on a chilly Saturday, brought together the finest marksmen from around the country to compete in a battle of accuracy at extreme distances.

The cold weather undoubtedly presented an additional challenge for the participants. Fingers numbed, breath visible in the crisp air, the marksmen had to find ways to keep their bodies and equipment functioning optimally. Layered clothing and steady nerves became essential tools in their arsenal.

As competitors took their positions and peered through scopes, the wind decided to offer a temporary respite. The gusts, though still present, were not as aggressive as they had been in the previous 2 days. This small reprieve was met with both relief and anticipation. It was a golden opportunity for the shooters to focus on their targets without the added complexity of constantly adjusting for unpredictable wind patterns.



The first challenge of the day was the King of 2 Miles finals. Target 2A stood at 2500 meters, demanding an unparalleled level of accuracy and ballistic calculation. As the competitors sent their rounds downrange, the tension was palpable.

Moving on to the 2B target at 2854 meters, the shooters were pushed even further.

For the final stretch of the King of 2 Miles finals, the 2C target awaited at an astonishing distance of 3272 meters. The very air seemed to hold its breath as the scorers has to wait for the bullet to reach the target. The challenge was not just technical; it was a mental and physical feat as well. Holding steady at this range required not only a deep understanding of the rifle but also an unwavering focus and fundamentals of marksmanship.

As the King of 2 Miles finals concluded, the competition transitioned to the King of 1 Mile category. While the distances were shorter, the challenges were by no means trivial.

The 1A target at 1250 meters, followed by the 1B target at 1400 meters, maintained the high standards set by the King of 2 Miles finale.

The final target of the day, 1C at 1660 meters, brought the competition to a close.

As the shoot came to an end on that cold Saturday, a sense of camaraderie filled the air. The King of 1 and 2 Miles South Africa Shooting Competition finals were a true showcase of human potential, pushing the boundaries of marksmanship and reminding us of the remarkable feats that can be achieved with dedication and skill.

On Saturday evening Shooters, Spotters and the organisers came together for an amazing Prizegiving evening. The food was incredible, the atmosphere was unmatched and everyone had a blast.

We would like to thank all the sponsors who contributed to the Range Bags we were able to hand to each competitor as a welcome gift. Each and every sponsor made this possible.


Thank you to Hornady, Riton Optics, Vortex Optics, Wildman Hunting and Outdoor, Peregine Monolithics, Groote Post, Darling Brew, Helber, Gun Warrior, Axis Precision Worx, Motus Ford, Darling Vleismark and Hitshot.


King of 1 and 2 Miles international are very strict on the use of target cameras of a specific quality. We followed these rules meticulously and made sure the cameras where done right.

We added Magnetospeed hit indicators to the targets and have decided to not use these products again as they can give a false positive to the shooter and spotter. In comes Hitshot! We will be using Hitshot indicators going forward with the camera system. What makes the Hitshot indicator great is it sends a signal to the scorer and does not have a light flashing at the target. This allows the scorer to double check himself on the camera if he doubts a call, but it does not give any false signals to the shooter and spotter. Keep an eye out for the new and improved hit indicators by Hitshot!


Shooter feedback:

“Truly a remarkable experience, great shoot, friendly people, fantastic location, well organised and food to die for!” Alan Hewetson

“All the shooters at the event was incredibly impressed with the Guns and Bows team in the professional manner in which the shoot was held. Organised, fun and done in 6 weeks. Well done Boys!” Alwyn Landman

“What an extraordinary KO2M event hosted by the Guns&Bows team in the breathtaking Karoo. We faced demanding conditions, as evident from the scoreboard. There was a wonderful mix of banter, laughter, and camaraderie among like-minded participants. This event truly puts your skills and marksmanship to the test. I wholeheartedly encourage all ELR enthusiasts to partake next year. As a local brand, we take great pride in Pieter Meyer's 2nd place finish with the Peregrine Gliders. Hats off to Johan Coetzee for his exceptional final-day performance. Anxiously looking forward to next year. Regards, JD Els, Team Peregrine”. Jd Els

“This was my 3rd participation on this event. From an admin point it was flawless and a great experience. The time that was available to arrange and present the competition needs to be applauded. It takes a year in planning to present this event. This event proved that no time delay between shooting points is required. The most impressive experience was the real time confirmation on impacts. This allowed the competitor to stay on target and not wait for a break to confirm a hit and move on or shoot at same target to advance.” Trevern Haasbroek

“I had the privilege of competing in the King of 1 SA event, and it was truly an unforgettable experience. The ever-changing wind presented a real challenge, especially during the qualifiers where shots stretched out to 1150 meters. Despite this, I managed to secure the 8th position with remarkably consistent shooting. Using my custom 30-378 Weatherby improved cartridge rifle, including a Barnard action and Lynx LX3 scope, with a 32 inch 5R 1-8 twist South African made Eagle barrel on a dolphin chassis and warrior tuner muzzle break was a game-changer with my farther Christo Jooste as my spotter. Entering the finals was a nerve-wracking but exhilarating experience. Shooting at the one-mile mark pushed my skills to the limit, and I'm proud to have placed 6th with a total of 23884 points. These competitions are more than just a test of marksmanship; they're a journey of constant learning. The camaraderie among participants and the organizers' support created an atmosphere of growth. I'm grateful for this opportunity and excited to partake in more shoots ahead. Great thanks to all who contributed to this fantastic event!” Gerick Jooste

“Last week, the King of 1 and 2 Miles shooting competition descended upon Hanover, drawing ELR Extreme Long Range shooters from across the country. I saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself and test my skills against the very best. Despite being a relative newcomer to the competition scene, my determination and confidence were unwavering shooting a Sako TRG 338 Lapua Magnum Ackley Improved, 300gr Hornady ATip traveling at 2883 feet per second. The competition was fierce. Skilled marksmen and markswomen lined up, their precision rifles gleaming in the sunlight, their eyes focused on distant targets that seemed almost unreachable.I stood amongst them, heart pounding, and a mix of excitement and nervousness coursing through my veins. "Remember, Shané," my father (Elton Burger) said, "precision shooting is not just about hitting the target. It's about the journey—the countless hours of practice, the learning from every shot, the bond between shooter and rifle. You may not have claimed the crown this time, but you've etched your name in the annals of this sport." I listened intently, a sense of pride swelling within me. The journey had been arduous, but it was a journey I was proud to be a part of. As I packed up my gear that evening, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of accomplishment. This will not be the last time I compete in The King of 1 & 2 Miles.” Shané Burger